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His mother was Maacha, daughter of Tholmai, King of Gessur.The sacred writer who sketches for us the career of Absalom ( 2 Samuel 13 - 18 ) lays stress upon the faultless beauty of the youth's appearance, and mentions in particular the luxurious wealth of his hair, which, when shorn, weighed over ten ounces.

Despite his ambition, there appears to have been in the youth that generous instinct of honour which inspires noble impulses where these do not clash with the more inviting prospects of self-interest.

The sacred writer does not state that there was in the mind of David a secret suspicion that Absalom meditated mischief, but to one whose in sight into past and future events was so clear as that of the Royal Seer, it might easily have occurred that there had been in the days of his forefather, Jacob, another Thamar ( Genesis 38:6 ) who figured at a sheep-shearing, and who found means of avenging a similar wrong against herself, though in a less bloody way than that contemplated by Absalom on the present occasion.

No censo do Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística de 2010, 817 963 brasileiros se autodeclararam indígenas, embora milhões de outros tenham algum sangue índio em suas veias.… continue reading »

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