Client computer not updating group policy

07-Aug-2017 07:47

After modifying the GPO, use Group Policy Management Console to update the VDA machines.

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James Rankin Five tips for dealing with Windows 10 telemetry: disable Modern apps, disable Cortana, disable services, block DNS domains. If you want pass-through authentication for the Citrix Receiver that is installed on your VDAs, use to enable pass-through authentication.

An event will be logged when Group Policy is successful.

I have also looked at the domain health given it was a previous issue (see history) but I'm not getting very far on repairing the issues, the AD Best Practice Analyzers notes some errors in the domain and I'm planning a server reboot overnight hoping it will resolve these, there are too many to easily post here but they are all related to DNS records not being properly registered to identify the DC as a primary catalogue, kerberos server and other domain functions.

Then I ran GPUpdate /force on the HR computers to get the setting.” A common alternate ending to that story is replacing the GPUpdate /force command with rebooting the computer.

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Neither rebooting the computer nor running GPUpdate /force are necessary.Usually the story goes something like, “We needed to change the screensaver timeout period to kick in after 5 minutes for the HR department.