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30-Oct-2017 18:09

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(Councilman Dave Kenny had announced he would not seek re-election) The township's two firefighters' unions backed the Democrats in late September, saying at a public event they were frustrated and fed up with what they said were ongoing delays in getting consolidation done.

Nick Buroczi, president of the fire officers' union, a local of the Firefighters' Mutual Benevolent Association (FMBA), and Shane Mull, president of the rank-and-file union, said in a joint statement they're eager to see the facilities report.

But they said they believe committee studying response times by Hamilton fire districts is not yet done.

"Once the response committees work has been completed, and presented to council, we will have a good understanding of where we stand with consolidation," they said.

"We know the makeup of council will be different in 2018, so I think the information, since we did all of the preliminary work, would be a benefit even to the new council, as much of the detail work will be during their term," Pone said.

2 years in, Hamilton fire district consolidation down to minute details Pone and Councilwoman Dina Thornton were not re-elected earlier this month, defeated by a three-candidate Democratic slate who will now control the township council.

Kean transferred the Bureau of Records Management Services and the Archives Section in the Bureau of Law, both then housed in the Department of Education, together with all their functions, powers and duties to the Division of Archives and Records Management in the Department of State.

Effective July 1, 2012 and renewed on June 26, 2014, the records management, records storage, imaging and micrographic functions of the Division of Archives and Records Management have been transferred to the Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services in the Department of the Treasury.

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The officers of any state department, or of any county or municipality, or of any institution or society created under any law of this state, may transfer to the public record office public records or other records, books, papers, documents, archives, maps or plans which are not in general use, and the record office shall receive the same when so transferred and shall provide for the custody and preservation thereof. Whenever a copy of any record is made in accordance with the provisions of section 47:2-5 of this title, and after it has been compared with the original, it shall be certified by the public official or board having the legal custody and control of the original. Thereafter, the copy shall be considered and accepted as evidence, and treated for all other purposes, as though it were the original. The public record office shall take such action as may be necessary to put the records it shall examine pursuant to section 47:2-4 of this title, or over which it shall obtain control pursuant to section 47:2-3 of this title, into the custody and condition contemplated by the various laws relating thereto, and shall provide for their restoration and preservation. 15:3-6.4(b) and (c)) This practice establishes recommended procedures for testing for residual thiosulfate and other chemicals on silver halide gelatin microfilm, photographic plates and papers in order to insure long-term preservation of microimages.

The public record office shall cause copies of such records to be made whenever, by reason of age, use, exposure or any casualty, it shall be deemed necessary.

The public record office, through its director, shall examine into the condition of the records, books, pamphlets, documents, manuscripts, archives, maps and papers, now or hereafter kept, filed or recorded in the several public offices of every county or municipality, or required by law to be kept by any public body, board, institution or society created under any law of the state in any county or municipality.