Dating the baby of the family

03-Aug-2017 17:43

As a single mother myself, I’ve found that keeping my Sugaring completely separate from my family life is imperative. I have always been upfront with my POTS and told them I have a family.

I have made a steadfast rule that they will never meet.

Also, I make it known to any new POT that I am not available to travel for extended periods of time.

Now, if my SD would like to be extra generous with me, I let him know what works for my lifestyle.

I wanted to be with a man who adored me, found me desirable, wanted to treat me to some of the finer things in life and enjoy being together.

Sugaring while parenting is no different, it only presents another set of variables that need to be considered in your Sugar dating and Sugaring arrangements.However, ours is not a typical new handbag-Louboutins-New York for dinner-flashy arrangement.In my situation, I have chosen to simply explain to my family that I am dating.I care for my SD and enjoy my Sugaring lifestyle but it is not my entire world.

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If my Sugaring ended tomorrow, yes, I would be sad because it is pleasant part of my life. My family is my life, and my ability to grow as a person and continue to provide for them and enrich my career are the key points in my life.

Much like your POT may request discretion in an arrangement, so can you.