Dating your step brother

09-Oct-2017 15:50

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Although I know a girl that recently married her step-brother in another state.So I'm not sure if different states have more liberal rules concerning this or if step-siblings are not considered relatives since they are not actually by blood.Biblically you can judge whether something is right or wrong based on Biblical standards in the Right context, so boo to that statement, If you are wrong biblically your just wrong!In my state it is illegal to marry any relation closer than second cousins.Carla: 'It is wrong to marry anyone that you are related to by marriage or by blood according to the Old Testament'Yes, that is listed, but even that is iffy if you think about it.

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Please view your opinion and see if they are a true Christian answer or if you finding text in the bible to justify the answer you want Mima:-Your statement was "We are CERTAIN Lot was involved in incest, with his daughters." Does this statement of yours,(however illustrated) make LOT the perpetrator of the crime? You further add And the bible calls this Righteous and just!!!

I assume the OT one actually meant if you know and can trace that the person is related.

Judging is different to telling someone whether their name is written in the Lambs book of life.

You may not have been related before the marriage, but now you are. I know first cousins who married each other and they had 5 children who were deformed in many ways. And since life is proven to be very difficult enough for normal healthy individuals, as the sparks fly upward, it is very unwise to bring statistically inept and physically and mentally cursed or impaired souls into this hard world for them to struggle and survive.

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An example is I have a step-grandpa I am very close to, and if he had a grandson or nephew that I thought was attractive but he was not related to me by blood, I still could not act on it. That I think because a step cousin is not blood related... There are other fish in the ocean, go fishing elsewhere.

However you can write yourself out of eternal life by doing the things the bible states you should not do, put simply.

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