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06-Dec-2017 13:56

Especially, the latter could be speech prosthesis for individuals with severe communication impairments.Electrocorticography (ECo G) recorded during speech production attempts have increasingly yielded the decoding of phonemes and words [6,7] and artificial speech synthesizers [8,9].

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Here we report the RNA-seq analysis of 116 Indonesian patients infected with the malaria parasite (Pf).

The dating world is a market and markets are what economists know best.

Online-dating executives are never short on hubris. Still, not ever customer walks away with a big smiley face. I asked five online-dating honchos how to make it better. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, here are the top four.

Moving the cursor over each button will display basic information on time, date and location, with more details available via a click of the mouse.

Users can switch between map, satellite and topographical modes.In particular, silent speech recognition systems (SSRSs) enable speech communication to be needed when an audible acoustic signal is unavailable [1].

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