Email not updating on iphone

12-Jul-2017 14:24

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When affected users attempt to send an email from an i OS 11 device, they would see the error "Cannot Send Mail. It's the first stability-focused update since i OS 11, which brought major changes to the i Pad, including the Files file manager and a new design dock, while the i Phone got a new look Control Center and a bunch of editing features for live photos in the Photos app.

Given the large number people who use Microsoft email services from an i Phone and the importance of Exchange for work, this bug had the potential to have a serious impact as the i OS 11 upgrade gets into full swing.

And since I was able to send and receive emails from both of her accounts, her email accounts were working fine. Actually, the only thing it had trouble with was Mail– the i Phone would not send nor receive email unless the i Phone was on Wi Fi.

I asked Laura to try sending me an email and to our surprise, it worked. Everything else worked fine– Messages, phone calls, Weather, other apps.

Google aims to reduce Android version fragmentation with Project Treble, promising faster updates in future for handsets that are sold this year with Android Oreo.

i OS 10 Mail icon " data-medium-file="https://i0com/ OS-10-Mail-icon.png? My friend Laura dropped her i Phone 6 and cracked the screen. To recap: when on Wi Fi, Safari worked, and so did Mail. We knew we had the right settings for Mail because the accounts worked fine when on Wi Fi.

w=361 361w, https://i1com/ OS_Cellular_Settings_-3.png? resize=85,150 85w, https://i1com/ OS_Cellular_Settings_-3.png? resize=169,300 169w, https://i1com/ OS_Cellular_Settings_-3.png? resize=56,100 56w" sizes="(max-width: 361px) 100vw, 361px" data-recalc-dims="1" /Cellular Data was OFF for Mail!

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Apple will update its i OS distribution figures in the next two weeks, offering an official snapshot of i OS 11 adoption.

Currently, it shows that i OS 10 is running on 89 percent of Apple mobile devices.

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