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" The other man smiled slyly and replied, "Same as always: the 25th of Kislev." This humorous comment makes an important point: the date of Jewish holidays does not change from year to year.Holidays are celebrated on the same day of the Jewish calendar every year, but the Jewish year is not the same length as a solar year on the civil calendar used by most of the western world, so the date shifts on the civil calendar.When people observed the new moon, they would notify the Sanhedrin.When the Sanhedrin heard testimony from two independent, reliable eyewitnesses that the new moon occurred on a certain date, they would declare the rosh chodesh (first of the month) and send out messengers to tell people when the month began.suffered severe adversity after becoming observant. They were not only deeply affected by their misfortune, but were also very confused. Before we became Torah observant, everything went smoothly for us. Is this God's way of rejecting us, telling us that He does not welcome our observance?

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These three phenomena are independent of each other, so there is no direct correlation between them.

Rabbi Ehrenreich was also instrumental in translating part of the Bible into Italian.