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However, you probably wouldn’t be able to make any sense out of whatever the person was saying, because most of the times the words and sentences are entirely incoherent.Still, there are instances where people actually speak entire sentences that can be understood!In that case, how is it possible that people speak while their mind is, supposedly, on ‘rest’ mode?The condition, which we talked about, is called somniloquy, more commonly known as sleep-talking.

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A good night’s slumber is all you need after a tiring day at work.But Shruti, who came to know of this through various reports, had tweeted that she had no such plans.It read: “Clarifying that I have no plans of doing a Kannada film in the near future and have had no discussion with any1 regarding it either #rumor.” Jaggesh, who came to know of Shruti's tweet, expressed his displeasure and through Twitter.Handling Emotional Variations Managing Physical Changes Understanding Puberty Achieving Balance in Adolescence Community Q&A Puberty is a time when sex hormones lead to physical and emotional changes.

During this period, it is normal to feel out of control and to have mood swings. Learn about the expected changes of your body and how you can handle emotional fluctuations.Unfortunately, our people are still to learn lessons.” His next tweet read: “These heroines can nowhere be compared to our college girls in Karnataka.