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30-Oct-2017 01:58

If you want to fight school gun violence why not allow the effective NRA’s Eddie Eagle program to be taught, allow random locker searches, or kick violent kids out of school instead of recycling them.

All such viable solutions end up being opposed by liberals.

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Every student who touched the ball was forced to undergo four hours of community service or detention before they would receive their diploma.This story made great news on the Lars Larson program.The story was a classic example of liberal’s “weak-on-crime”, “tough-on-civilians” philosophy.The teacher wanted the student to punished, but the administration wouldn’t touch it for fear that the punishment might be seen as racist.

There is an unwillingness to fight parents or weather any form of controversy among administrators.Il n’est d’ailleurs pas rare de retrouver sa silhouette dans leurs peintures ou collages.