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03-Aug-2017 12:25

Cut forward to her finishing the fling back, her hand griping his clavicle and we can see a huge gash slicing down her shoulder blade. Cut to her hand yanking his jeans away from his waist.

His hips flex toward her and she shoves her hand down the front of his pants.

The vampire is then found murdered, and Bo concludes that there is another Fae involved.

She uses her Dark Fae contacts to find that the murderer is a Fae named Vex who is a kind of Fae called a Mesmer.

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Bo and Dyson, currently in a smooth patch, were going to take a weekend away from the hustle and bustle, but when Kenzi's friend, Neville, comes to them for help finding his missing cousin, Thumper, they can't turn their backs on him.A bloody, half-dressed Dyson stumbles into the Dal Riata and calls for sanctuary, which Trick readily gives, but since three witnesses saw Dyson threaten a Dark Fae named Ba'al in a bar owned by the nefarious Vex, and the bite marks on Ba'al match those of a wolf like Dyson, keeping the...

While I had one foot in the Manhattan clubs as a regular, another was on the pedal doing road gigs.… continue reading »

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