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24-Oct-2017 19:08

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For Friends to the End, you’ll be controlling Sky, Bolo, and Rotty all at the same time, swapping freely between heroes.

Each hero has a special ability that is useful for overcoming certain obstacles, but players are given a wide berth as to which character they want to use for the most part. Sky is quick and agile, and can make long jumps by using her bird Wrench as a glider.

Sky attacks by throwing seagulls, which are somewhat weak, but can hit at long range.

Her special ability is to toss eggs, which explode into instant platforms!

Unlike the (possibly embellished) tale of Pirate Queen’s Quest, this new mode would be considered “official cannon”, and fills in a part of the narrative that we, as the audience, were previously not witness to.

Shantae has been turned to evil by the foul Risky Boots by way of a polarity-swapping machine, and is reborn as Nega-Shantae!

It said that it will only be selling them this year, and couldn't confirm whether it would be making more after 2017.

When Shantae: Half-Genie Hero was on Kickstarter, a “friends mode” stretch goal was funded.

The retro console was announced earlier this month and is the second of Nintendo's attempts to revive its old consoles and games for new and old audiences.

People are already attempting to sell pre-ordered SNES Minis for as much as £150, despite the fact the console only sells for £69.99.

Nintendo says that it will sell more of the SNES than the NES, though the latter appeared to be made in tiny volumes.

Sky, Bolo, and Rottytops must enter Shantae’s mind in order to rescue her consciousness from the “Nightmare Realm”; a series of twisted memories designed to swallow Shantae whole.

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This will not be an easy task for the three adventurers, who lack both genie magic, and the ability to get along.

His special ability is to latch onto certain objects with his Spring Claw, which lets him to swing around freely like some sort of bionic ninja!

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