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Based on the signs, Officer Oswald believed that the man had overdosed on a narcotic, and he applied a naloxone auto-injector into the man’s thigh.At about that time, EMTs arrived; they inserted an oral airway into the man’s mouth, but he remained unresponsive.The man called back, upset that the officer hung up.A long conversation followed, during which Officer Oswald convinced the man that getting arrested for harassment wouldn’t help his chances in any future custody hearings. Foeger and Officer Oswald that he’d been robbed in a Milwaukee suburb on the evening of December 1.The suspect in this case has been accusing other building tenants of sneaking into her apartment and stealing possessions.

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December 2017 On December 3 at AM, a Hemlock Street woman told Officer Laabs that her neighbor had been taking photos and posting them on Facebook with derogatory comments about her.Whether they were defamatory would need to be settled in civil court.At about PM, a resident told Officer Oswald that the father of her children has been calling and texting her repeatedly.She also has been expressing the belief that one neighbor secretly works for the FBI.

As the comments were being posted on the woman’s own Facebook page, they didn’t constitute harassment.When the officer called the man, he advised that, “The bitch does cocaine with men” and that he wanted to see his kids.