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But Velikhov saw the disruption as an opportunity for positive change.He did scholarly research on consciousness and sponsored an ongoing salon devoted to the subject.

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Most significantly, the project nurtured connections that, when the Soviet Union dissolved in late 1991, helped to reduce dramatically the nuclear, chemical, and biological threats posed by a militarized superpower in a state of collapse. This early post-Soviet period of cooperation was all too brief. On the Soviet side, one important, somewhat unlikely player was a plasma physicist named Evgeny Pavlovich Velikhov.And Fleetwood Mac Closed the Show Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak (sporting the “Sheriff” baseball cap) speaks to the press at the first US Festival, which ran for three days in early September 1982.Financed by Wozniak and produced by legendary rock promoter Bill Graham (seated at Wozniak’s right), the festival drew 350,000 fans for a celebration of “the technology that is changing the way we communicate through art, business, and popular music.” Tickets cost .50 each. The Ramones, the B-52s, Talking Heads, The Police, Eddie Money, Santana, The Cars, The Kinks, Pat Benatar, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, the Grateful Dead, Jimmy Buffett, Jackson Browne, and — to close out the festival — Fleetwood Mac.Wozniak’s UNUSON Foundation (Unite Us in Song) poured .5 million into the festival.

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It also supported the first spacebridge — a live satellite link between 200,000 American festival-goers and 500 or so of their Soviet peers, led by Joseph Goldin, in a Moscow studio at Ostankino, the state TV broadcaster.The key idea was to strengthen channels of communication between the two hostile superpowers, with the hope that greater communication would lead to less risk of nuclear confrontation.

The deputy would later claim that Simmons, who had not been convicted of any crime previously, tried to grab his duty pistol during the struggle and bit him.… continue reading »

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