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With the afternoon open we decided to travel half an hour southwest to scout Tio Pelón's 22,000 rice plantation, where we recently learned the company had transplanted more than a hundred acres of Aloe Vera from the Natur Aloe facility.

We'd never visited this place and were pleased to see plenty of Ruby-throated Hummingbirds flying about and feeding on aloe nectar.

How remarkable that this oriole had spent last winter in aloe fields south of Liberia, flew off last spring to North America to breed, and came back this winter to precisely the same location.

Although this phenomenon seems almost impossible to humans who sometimes get lost in their own hometowns, such long-distance journeys apparently happen all the time among birds--something we wouldn't know if we didn't band and re-encounter them later on.

As soon as nets were in place our citizen scientists' next task was to find a more or less inconspicuous spot from which they could monitor and shout out "Bird! A quick check of her band number indicated she had been caught at Natur Aloe on 7 February 2011--almost exactly one year previously and in the very same net!

This was a remarkable demonstration of site fidelity.

One nice thing about Pelón is the fields were surrounded by more natural vegetation--the company had set aside several thousand acres as a nature reserve--so we got our first looks at Mantled Howler Monkeys and the Double-striped Thick-knee .

More RTHU followed at a.m., , , , , , and --am impressive total of hummers for the day.

Other species don't stay out of our non-selective nets, of course, so we also caught and banded four more Tennessee Warblers, three Baltimore Orioles, and 11 Orchard Orioles. we caught two Yellow Warblers in adjoining nets and BOTH had old bands on their legs!

Late on the afternoon of 28 January 2012 the Omega Team returned to El Cas to deploy several Dawkins traps; we caught one immature male RTHU. and even to plastic furniture for our banding table and stools.

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Next day we got a much earlier start and our reward was a delicious "typical" Costa Rican breakfast with the inevitable black beans and rice--plus the capture and banding of two more young male ruby-throats. On 1 February we stuffed all this paraphernalia--plus our respective luggage, photo gear, and other accoutrements--onto or into Ernesto's personal car and headed west.Excited by the previous day's successes, the group--as yet without a name--was up bright and early on 4 February.

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