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13-Nov-2017 12:29

You need the cash to clear those debts; you have done your research and understand what the job entails.As scintillating as your conversation skills may be, you are NOT going to be paid hundreds of pounds just to go out to dinner, you realise there is more to it than that. With so many sites offering to sign you up, claiming that you will be earning ££££££s, it is essential that you do your research.

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You are NOT going to earning a living pleasuring frustrated housewives.Their idea of being dom is - I arrive, she gets down on her knees, sucks me off, and gets on her all fours ready to be fucked.Sorry to disappoint you guys, we are not seeking you!If you really are set on escorting follow the advice below on ‘finding a good agency’ – you are looking for a site that advertises mostly women and only a couple of guys. A reputable agency will spend thousands of pounds a year on advertising to ensure that their girls get regular work.

You will find various links to the agency website from a variety of well established UK punting directories often with reviews if the agency is well established. A good agency site will be created with the client in mind rather than the escort – that is, the site will place great emphasis on selling escort services and a little on recruitment.so if your interested please feel free to leave me a message.