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As well as economic and social reasons, he writes: "British agriculture is better protected by the EU because there are millions of farmers throughout Europe who they care about.I dread to think of a free market with our food needs.Writing a few days before the big vote, he said: "In my opinion, the EU is no longer a trading bloc but a failed experiment with unrealistic expansionist ambitions which does not sit well with the British public who value their deeply ingrained democracy, unlike many of the newly democratised members with the majority of their citizens experiencing democracy for the first time…"So it would seem that the only way the United Kingdom can stay in the EU is for the EU to majorly reform back to its original roots of a trading bloc, the Common Market, with less bureaucracy and more accountability."So whilst I acknowledge there will be short term pain if we vote to leave the EU, I am also confident there will be long term gain. I do not believe this to be the case and by voting Out it gives rise to a third option, which is the re-negotiation of the reforms that the Prime Minister achieved, or some would say failed to achieve, bringing the EU in line with a more democratic and accountable trading community allowing the Great British Public to reconsider and re-vote during the two-year process of leaving once we trigger Article 50, which is the official EU withdrawal mechanism.""I'm a strong believer in one world for us all but we need to regain control of our borders and immigration – I agree with Australia's system – plus I think we're giving way too much money to the EU which we could be spending at home on the NHS and other essential public services." Adding special agency to the campaign to keep Britain Stronger In Europe. He urged festival-goers to use their vote in June 23's "massively important" referendum in his filmed apology – and like festival organiser Michael Eavis, he backed Remain."My parents immigrated to the UK, worked hard and made a contribution... "On that basis, vote In…."The Who star said he thought that the European Union is a "wonderful idea" in theory, but he wanted to leave because he doesn't like how it's turned out in practice."The only way we're going to get the Europe that we want is to get rid of this bunch of f**king useless wankers that are running it," he told "That's the biggest issue for me, it's undemocratic, highly dysfunctional. Sorry, Paddy," he tweeted."We were usually swimming against the tide; and the EU bureaucracy took away any trace of democratic accountability." author JK backed Scotland staying with the rest of the UK in last year's independence referendum, and she also argued for the UK to remain in the EU.Now the Prime Minister and the EU would like you to believe that this Referendum is binary. I mean, you name me one area of Europe that's functioning really well at the moment."I want to be a proper European, but this is not proper Europe, this will lead to a lot of trouble." star pledged to leave the EU, because he's not hopeful of reform any time soon – and he appeared to apologise to former Lib Dem leader Paddy Ashdown, who wanted to remain in."If I thought there was any chance of major reform in the EU, I'd vote to stay in. She updated her Twitter banner to feature a Vote Remain picture, and wrote: "I don't want to leave a union that has brought more peace and stability to the region than it has ever known."Glastonbury's co-founder was Remain, setting out some reasons why on the festival's website.I think that a large proportion of our farmers would go bust.""In my cricketing career I played alongside teammates and against opposition from all over the world — from India, Australia, the Caribbean.Countries like these are our natural friends."It is insane that because we are in the EU we do not have the freedom to reach our own agreements to trade freely with these places or with emerging powers like China."We have lost the right to govern ourselves, to make our own laws and to choose who comes here."Boomtown Rats frontman Bob has been one of the most visible members of Remain, even taking to the river Thames for a heated water-based stand-off against UKIP leader Nigel Farage."If we're not careful, we'll wake up on June 24 and have made a properly historic mistake for all sorts of reasons, not the least being peace in Europe," he argued.With additional promotions, special offers and seasonal sales, prices can be up to 80% off normal retail prices.

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